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Chapter 13 - Still Waiting For Discharge

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Re: Chapter 13 - Still Waiting For Discharge

@coreyb80  - A few things I did once I sent my last payment.   Reading throught the boards here i noticed some experienced delayed discharge because they didn't take the 2nd credit course, which is mandated.  I believe some do the two courses at filing and others only do one and wait to do the second towards the end of plan.  I personally couldn't remember if I did one or both at filing and called my attorney/paralegal to confirm and got frustrated as she fumbled her response "yes, you did both. no, wait you did one....i'll call you back".   By end of day she ensured me I did both at filing. Next I called my Trustee office on next steps (Trustee office here in SouthFlorida was very empathetic) she confirmed my last payment and said she would iniitate the process and notify my attorney to complete LF-97.  Next I asked SEVERAL times to both Attorney and Trustee if I needed to make any additional payments until discharge.......they said "No".  All payments were made online through the Trustee's portal.  Never had to do employer wage deductions.  Last year of payments were $1,400 and was not looking forward to extending that beyond plan.   

Not sure if this helps but I would start to call and get a warm fuzzy that everyone is on the ball here "status, next steps, classes, how many checks, continue paying dues until discharge....etc.  I found my Trustee was more responsive than my Attorney during my last payment answering all my questions. 

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Re: Chapter 13 - Still Waiting For Discharge

Thank you for the that information @FLLGuy.  I just sent my attorney an email to confirm if I completed one or both of the courses.  I remember taking it, just do not recall if it was just one of them or both.  Just made my July payment so only one left now is August & September.  

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