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Chapter 13 filers

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Chapter 13 filers

Hey my fellow Bk13ers. I noticed there are alot of stories regarding chp7 and cards that are ubtained within a year of discharge. Now I know that is the key word as our debt will not be discharged until after our final payment. With that being said...PLEASE share what are your earliest card (s) are that you were approved long after filing...what was pulled and your score. Example:
Card: Credit One
How many months are filing: 6mnths
EQ, TU,EX(which was pulled): EQ
Score at time of app: 525

I wanted to have something out there to give BK13ers hope and knowledge of when we can app for a card during our plan with a good chance of approval based on other stories. Also make sure you get that laywer and/or trustee approval prior to apping for new credit while in your ch13 plan. ;-)
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Re: Chapter 13 filers

I’ve searched and hoped for a thread like this. There are so many CH7 success stories and there is plenty of guidance on which credit to seek and when but not much for CH13 filers. I’ve been dormant since filing but I’m hoping to start rebuilding soon...with permission of course.
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Re: Chapter 13 filers

I got an opensky card and credit one about a month before my discharge, This was over 2 years after I filed.


Discover and Cap one let me in a couple weeks after discharge.

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Re: Chapter 13 filers

No card's in BK 13.    2 days after DC ,DW got a quicksilver Platinum, $3000 sl,  I got a QS one $3000 unsecured ,also got a upto$40,000 car loan from Capital One .    Never looked back.

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Re: Chapter 13 filers

I am a little over a year in on my Chapter 13. I filed in June 2017. 


My first card was a First Premier Credit Card with a $300.00 limit. There is a introductory fee & annual fee but it helped me start the rebuild. I obtained this card in July 2017.

My second card was a Capital One Credit Card with a $500.00 limit. This card after 5 on time payments increases automatically to a $750 limit. I obtained this card in June 2018.

My third card was after a year First Premier sent me a 2nd card but the Platinum version of their card with a $1000.00 limit. There is a introductory fee & annual fee associated but the high limit helped my credit utilization. I obtained this card in July 2018.

I also have 3 credit cards I obtained for Victoria Secret, New York & Company & The Loft. These cards were obtained through Comenity Bank and by utilizing the shopping cart trick to avoid the hard pulls on my credit. 


I use my first 3 cards monthly and pay all but $10 off each month to avoid the high interest rates and fees and also to keep my utilization under 10%. 


Capital one has a preapproval tool that you can try before applying that only does a soft pull. This way you don't risk the hard pull and not being approved. Their website is 


Just my experience. 

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Re: Chapter 13 filers

Excellent idea. The process us far more difficult when you're in 13 and unfortunately the knowledge wasn't available to me when I went through mine.

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Re: Chapter 13 filers

Iowebs, You were successful in obtaining unsecured credit during your Ch13? Safe to assume you didn’t burn any of the lenders? Unfortunately I did burn Capital One and Discover so I doubt I will get back in with them until after discharge. 

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