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Chapter 13 help please

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Chapter 13 help please

 My attorney will not return my calls, I filed chapter 13 on 10/2010 and national data centers shows that my base plan is due 10,000 dollars morebut all of the claims have been paidbut only at 30 percent.  The NDC shows case closedbut when I called the trustee they said they would reopen the case and pay the 10,000 dollars to the claims that received the 30 percent.  May base plan was high because I had to put all debts inbut they all did not file a claim.  So now the debts that I could have settled with before bankruptcy for 200 dollars they will now receive 2000 dollars .  I feel like just filing  chapter 7 nowbut I have no clue what is really going on because my lawyer is MIA for the last 3 plus years.  Also the letters that have been sent stated case would be reviewed for closing in April 2014.  I just have no clue what is going on.

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Re: Chapter 13 help please

If I were you I would retain counsel from another attorney, if you have not had contact with the original attorney in years I am not sure he even has an obligation to do anything for you as these cases are usually agreed to by all parties and then ended 5 years later

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