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Chapter 13 waiting period

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Chapter 13 waiting period

My chapter 13 case was dismissed since it was a 100% payment plan I decided to negotiate with my creditors. I want to know what is the 4 year waiting period to receive a conventional mortgage based on. Does is start the the day you filed the chapter 13 or the day the case was dismissed?


Thank you in advance 

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Re: Chapter 13 waiting period

4 years from the dismissal date.



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Re: Chapter 13 waiting period


Creditors are prohibited by the bankruptcy stay from taking any actions to collect a debt without court approval. Once a bankruptcy case is dismissed, the automatic stay is no longer in effect. That means creditors can take all collection action allowed by law. You couldnt convert to a Chapter 7?

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Re: Chapter 13 waiting period

I could not convert to a chapter 7 because our income was too high. Therefore, the reason I was in a100% payment plan in the first place. Just kind of sucks I paid on the plan for two years then voluntarily dismissed it negotiated with all my creditors paid them off and now I'm looking at another two years before I can get a mortgage in hindsight, I don't think filing chapter 13 was the best decision.

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