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Chapter 7 Confused


Chapter 7 Confused

I'm considering filing Chapter 7 but can't afford attorney fees. I feel pretty confident that I can prepare and file the paper work myself but am in need of clarification if someone is able to help.


1. Do I list student loan as debt (I'm aware it can't be discharged) if I'm still attending and how will it affect any future loans?

2. I have read to file before getting a tax refund. Is the same true if a student loan is expected?

2. If an account is charged off, do I list the original creditor or the collection agency that purchased the debt?

3. I own a car that has a lienholder, however it is in a relative's name. Do I list that car as an expense?

4. My household is two and we are far below the state's median income, but my daughter is due an annuity in a few months. Will those funds be viewed by the trustee post filing although it is not my money?


Citibank has initiated a lawsuit, although I haven't been served yet, so I'm really trying to get this under way before a possible judgment is placed. I have verified it was filed on 1/5/17.


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