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Chapter 7 Filing/Signing on Saturday

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Chapter 7 Filing/Signing on Saturday

Hello All!!!



I am filing my Chapter 7 on Saturday. My score pre-filing are Equifax= 435, TU=439, and XPN=459. I want to get these scores in the mid 650 range in teh next 6 months. I am competely committed and ready to do this. What steps would you recommend? I am lost and reading like crazy trying to get an understanding of how to make this work. Also, I will be giving up my car. (Hunk of Junk Anyway) Trying to get into a new (meaning NEW) car asap with a reasonable interest rate. Can anyone share anything to make this a reality for me. 



Thaks in Advance!


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Re: Chapter 7 Filing/Signing on Saturday

Hello FreNichole and welcome to the board!  You picked the right place to come get some advise.  Ive found alot of valuable credit advise here.  I filed BK chapter 7 in Jan/Feb of this year and I am now discharged.  I filed on my Buy Here Pay Here Car as well.  I was able to get a car loan with a real finance company the day I got my discharge papers in the mail.  I wouldnt recommend that you do that but thats your decision.  I dont regret my loan.  I got a okay interest rate, a great car and low payments.  They are low to me because my payments on my other car were $400 a month and now I pay $200.


You should get a lot of flyers in the mail for BK friendly auto lenders after your discharged.  I went to 6 car places before anyone would finance me though.  So be prepared for rejection because it isnt easy to get approved right after you get discharged.  I would suggest that you get a CC after your discharged to help bring your scores up.  Also check your CR to make sure everything is listed accurately.  Mine was a mess and Im still trying to get it fixed.  



01/10/09: - TransUnion: 500 / Equifax: 521, / Experian: 566
Filed BK 02/24/2012
06/06/2014: - Transunion:509 / Equifax:513 ,/ Experian: 551
07/28/2014: - Transunion:487 / Equifax:467 ,/ Experian: 574
08/04/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:555 ,/ Experian: 584

07/25/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:541 ,/ Experian: 574
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