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Chapter 7 discharge!!! (Score increase)


Chapter 7 discharge!!! (Score increase)

Hi everyone
I've been checking out the forum for a while and decided today to share my success so far. I discharged on 10/28/2014. Four weeks prior to my discharge, I was approved with Capital 1 for two cards; the QS1 (300) and C1 mc (300). I was advised by my attorney that this was fine since I has a no asset Chapter 7. I also started disputing items on my credit report that were not reporting properly prior to my discharge. I had great success with items updating correctly to reflect IIB and $0 bal. So at discharge my scores were EQ-501 TX-504 EX-599.

Right after discharge I tried the SCT and was approved for Express (250) I love Express, so hopefully I get a CLI soon. However it was a no go for VS and another favorite JCrew, smh. I also applied for Credit One (300), bummer because I don't like the $75 annual fee but I'll cancel before a year is up. So I paid my first Capital One bill on both cards as soon as I charged them and left a bal on the card. Fast forward to Saturday 11-16-2014, I started getting all these alerts from myFico as one of my Cap1 cards reported and my new Express acct reported with a $0. My scores have done well so far, I see (without my other Cap1 or Credit ONE reporting)
EQ-571 TU-548 EX-638 woohoo! It hasn't been but 16 days since discharge. I'm hoping my TU and EQ report catch up to EX soon. I don't understand the huge difference.

In all, I'm extremely happy and pleased so far. I am looking to buy a new car soon. I surrendered my current car in my Chapter 7. I was looking at early January...hopefully. Well, I wanted to post my success and that this forum is awesome! The wealth of knowledge listed on here is amazing! I've learned a lot in a short amount of time and I look forward to rebuilding my credit. Thanks guys! 😄
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Re: Chapter 7 discharge!!! (Score increase)

Congrats. How does the sct work
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Re: Chapter 7 discharge!!! (Score increase)

Thank you!

SCT- shopping cart trick
You basically go to one of Comenity Bank backed online stores like Victoria's Secret, Express, JCrew, Ann Taylor etc,. Go to the site and add a couple items to your cart. In the checkout, you'll need to add your info (name/address) as it appears on your credit reports. If you've opted-in AND there is a pre-approval out there for you, a pop up window will alert you that you're pre-approved. This is a soft pull so it doesn't count as an inquiry on your report. Pretty awesome!

Some will encourage against store cards (pretty high APR) but I like the store I got approved for as I shop there frequently and I plan to pay in full every month.

Here's a link I found that list the stores:
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Re: Chapter 7 discharge!!! (Score increase)



We seem to have a very similar experience with Cap1. I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail now.. I am hoping to see the kind of bump in my score you saw once they are actually reporting on my CR.


Good luck and thanks for the info!

Discharged: 11/14/14 / CapitalOne QS: $300 / CapitalOne MC: $300

Starting Score: 544 EQ/454 TU/503 EX
Current Score: 517 EQ/492 TU/583 EX
Goal Score: 700

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