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Chapter 7 filed, 341 meeting scheduled for next month

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Chapter 7 filed, 341 meeting scheduled for next month

Recently filed for chapter 7 due to poor choices in my youth and which was leading down the wage garnishment path. My 341 meetibg is scheduled for 12/4 and I don't what to do. Rebuilding my credit health is my main goal. Do I need to wait until my dispatch to start the process ir should i start now. I'm currently without a vehicle and have received several financing offers in the mail that have been centered around "life after chapter 7". I don't know which to pursue or if i should pursue any at all. Any advice
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Re: Chapter 7 filed, 341 meeting scheduled for next month

Talk to your attorney about your questions; they'll know specifically what is and is not ok in your specific court.

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Re: Chapter 7 filed, 341 meeting scheduled for next month

The last day for creditors to object is 60 days after your 341 meeting, assuming it goes to plan (it almost always does!) How long it takes to receive your discharge papers after that varies by district across the country. I received mine one day later. Others take a month or two. So you may be looking at anywhere from February to April-ish. 


I would personally recommend not doing anything until after the trustee discharges themself from duty - this also varies after your 341 meeting, you can just check PACER - and preferably not until you receive your discharge altogether. I know being without a vehicle is tough; I've done it before too. As previous poster stated, your attorney will have more specific answers for you regarding what your specific district and trustee allow/recommend. Definitely check with them. You don't want to throw anything off in your case just to get one month's worth of rebuild, you know? You've got a lot of time to do that after.


p.s. When you do look for a vehicle, you might want to try checking with some credit unions to see if they will approve you for a vehicle loan before you even go to the dealership. That way you have the check in hand and it insulates you a little bit from some of the risks of loan shopping during the car buying process. Just know your actual FICO score before applying and ask directly, "Do you think I have a chance for approval with a recent bankruptcy discharge and a FICO 8 score of XYZ?" (Might save you a HP) CUs especially local ones are generally pretty friendly, direct and willing to answer your Q's.


Best of luck!

Ch7 discharged 10/2017. Pre-file FICOs high 400s.
04/2018 EX 644; EQ 670; TU 648
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