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Chapter 7 was denied. Now what??

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Re: Chapter 7 was denied. Now what??

@jjb11 wrote:

This is really interesting what was pointing out here. Ensuring that 6-month window is ready to make the qualification. During my 6 month window I had so many unusual circumstances come up. I had to remove a tree for 5 grand(took from my 401k), had to redo a shower because of mold issues..had payday advance bills. It was a mess. It wasn't business as usual.

That is too bad. Life happens. Not too much you can do about the situation at hand sometimes. Sorry again you were dismissed. I would say this is just a temporary setback and since you were not denied a discharge, I would try and file again in 180 days hoping for a different trustee. And thanks for sharing your story! Keep us udpated.  

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Re: Chapter 7 was denied. Now what??

It's looking like we are going for a chapter 13 now. Six months from now my wife's income will increase, so it will look even worse to pass a means test. In a chapter 13 can I do a modification on my auto loan? Does anyone know what type of rules are in Florida for having to ask the trustee for permissions? I mean when can I start to establish credit history again? This has been quite the journey and it continues. I can say I learned some valuable lessons.
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