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Charge off listed on account included in BK

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Charge off listed on account included in BK

Hi All,


I've been reading posts in here for quite awhile now.  Awesome site with lots of great people.  I was discharged from chpt 7 on 10/16/14 and I signed up for the fico credit monitoring today.   I noticed that on 1 of my credit reports my auto loan which was included in the banktrupcy has listed my account as a charge of as of 10/2/14.  Is this correct as my payment history up to this mark was on time.  (upside down on the car so I'm returning it to the lender)


If it is, so be it.  Comes with the territory, but if not I'd like to dispute it.


I plan to purchase another car in the near future but my fico scores are all below 540 so I want to get a few months of positive payment on my new cap 1 and student loans.


Thanks in advance!



Chapter 7 discharge 10/16/2014

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Re: Charge off listed on account included in BK

If you were discharged on Oct 16, 2014 and the tradeline was marked a charge off as of Oct 2, 2014, then no - it is not correct.


The tradeline is supposed to read iib and zero balance and not CO.

They can't legitimately mark it as a charge off during the pendancy of the bankruptcy and certainly can't do so afterward. The only time it is correct is if it was charged off and reported as a 'charge off' prior to your filing Bk.  Not afterward.


Get with your attorney and have him write a letter to the creditor to make them change it to read IIB and zero balance with NO NOTATION for charge off.

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Re: Charge off listed on account included in BK

I want to add that if your payment history shows a charge off (39/60/90/120/CO), then yes, that is correct.

The TL itself must be zero balance and IIB..,
BK Discharge 2/11/14

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