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Chase Starbucks visa

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Re: Chase Starbucks visa

Does your high interest rate card have an annual fee?  I was approved for one after CH7 and it has helped with my AoA through the years.  It does have an annual fee that I gladly paid the first few years after BK.  Now I call right after the AF is added to my statement and they always remove it.  Wish they would do it once and for all but they won't budge.  It has a 29% apr variable which has never gone up and I never carry a balance. 

Just some food for thought. 


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Re: Chase Starbucks visa

I believe in all the time the Chase Starbucks card has been out , I've only seen 2 approvals for it, and both were on same thread lol. Ever a brave soul who apps that oneSmiley Wink. Good luck on your appSmiley Happy

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