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Citifinancial reporting a year after Chapter 13 discharge

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Citifinancial reporting a year after Chapter 13 discharge

Hello All,


I have been lurking in these boards for a while now and have learned a lot. However this is the first time post and I feel I need some of the great advice that is given here.


I filed for Bankruptcy CH 13 in 2009 and discharged in March 2013. I included an installment loan from Citifinancial that was always paid on time. It had dropped off my report during the bankruptcy and just this past May they started reporting again with an update of 5/2014. Plus they have reported the same account twice with different account numbers (everything else is exactly the same). I have disputed with all three CRA's and am waiting on their response.


My questions are: Can they do this? Did I do the correct thing? Or should I do something else? I noticed this because my FICO score dropped 50 points and I had no idea why. To say the least, I am pretty upset at this. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

Starting Score: 580
Current Score: TU 694 EQ 681
Goal Score: 725

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