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Cleaning up Credit Report post BK

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Cleaning up Credit Report post BK

I declared BK 7 in  3/2011 and was discharged on 6/2011 and I'm hoping to get some idea from the combined wisdom that is on these boards.


I'm now trying to go through my credit reports and see if things were posted properly on my credit report.  I'm looking at my TransUnion credit report from August. 

My lawyer and I listed 5 accounts as included in my BK.


On my credit report it lists 6 accounts as included in the BK.


The one that I thought should just count as 1 account was my Credit Union and it listed as two accounts.  This may be because I had two ways to draw on the account.  One as my "overdraft protection" on my checking account and the second as a credit card linked to the account (not my ATM).


But as this was the biggest account that was part of my BK, I wonder if it seems to someone looking at it that I included two accounts of this size in my BK.  Is this properly listed as two accounts even though, to me, they were talking about the same pot of money and the same account.


Does it even matter  since they both are listed as "Included in BK"


I'm not sure if this is wrongly listed and I need to clean it up or if it would effect me negatively. 


Any ideas on this?


Also, I won't have access to my free annual reports on my other (Experian and Equifax) until January2012.  Is it worth it to pay to see those two credit reports to see if they say something else or different even if I'm paying about $20 each for them?  (I think that's what you pay when buying them each separately, right?)


Thanks very much for your thoughts on this everyone! 

Much appreciated!


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Re: Cleaning up Credit Report post BK

Remember you can get a free credit report from all agencies - if you were denied credit recently - so if you apply for a credit card and get denied - you can get all of your Mod cut and check them.

Unfortunately I had to remove a link you posted because it violates the forum's Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines and Terms of Service which prohibit postings that include the promotion of any credit repair organization or the posting of links to web sites that promote any credit repair actions that are not allowed in these Forums.

Thanks for your understanding and for your contributions to the Forums.

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Re: Cleaning up Credit Report post BK

How did these accounts report before filing - were there two lines then?  If there weren't you might try to get them to report IIB exactly what they reported before.


The difference between 5 and 6 IIB lines is probably very small - they are serious delinquencies, the first hurts a lot, each additional not so much more.  They will "age" just as other serious delinquencies age so time will begin to heal.  Be sure none of them arew continuing to update to appear newer than your discharge.

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Re: Cleaning up Credit Report post BK

You  can see your Experian credit report free when you sign up for Quizzle.  I think Equifax may offer a free trial that allows you to see your credit report. It's worth looking at your report to see what, if anything, needs correcting.


You can also go to and buy your reports for $7 each if you've used up your free reviews. Look at the bottom of the page when you sign in and it tells you you're not entitledo a free report. It will say you can click here to buy a report.

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Re: Cleaning up Credit Report post BK

I filed BK in October of 2010 and was discharged in February 2011. I would love to share credit experiences with you. I am on a journey to a 700-800 credit score. 

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