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Collections Showig After BK7

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Collections Showig After BK7

Hello to all, 


I need some help. I noticed that there are collectors that still show active on my credit report and the status is "open". However, in the notes section, it will show BK7. But I don't think it should still show as "open". Any advice? I disputed it with EQFX online disputing center and sent them a copy of my discharge. Should I call the collections agency myself.

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Re: Collections Showig After BK7

This can be an issue if the Original Creditor transferred the debt to collections and only the Original Debt was IIB. I'd start with asking your lawyer what to do and sending a copy of discharge to the three credit breaus might help.  Also check they may have some advice there as well.  Keep us posted and good luck in getting it removed.

Filed Ch 13- 8/29/17
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