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Collections reported after BK!!!

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Collections reported after BK!!!

Ok, so I filed BK7 on 2/20/13, went to my 341 meeting, everything went as planned and my discharge will be May 15. 2013. However, today I got a call from a collection agency trying to collect a debt that was included in my bankruptcy, and they claim they can still collect it and I need to pay it. They also just reported it to the CRA's and now is reporting as if its from this month. What do I do??? I included OC in my bk and had my 341 meeting before they sold it to this CA, is this legal? Do I have any recourse? What are my optioins?

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Re: Collections reported after BK!!!

I would report this to my attorney and have them contact the CA

to advise they are in violation of the stay order and demand they remove. Good luck

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