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Comenity Bank and Zero Balances

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Re: Comenity Bank and Zero Balances

I had a VS card with a zero balance that was closed, I wonder if they will let me back in.

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Re: Comenity Bank and Zero Balances

Im another with zero balance on comenity and they closed all my accounts. 

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Re: Comenity Bank and Zero Balances

Hi everyone I am a pro at this I filed twice and believe me everyone of your accounts will be notified due to your social security number!! I had over 80 cards yes 80 I’m learning my lesson however several had zero balances which I did not include in bk but they all were closed the cards tht were reported show up as closed chapter 7 bk the others said closed same w synchrony! I filed a year ago second time ya ya I know anyway I did the shop cart trick on Apple seeds Blair and haband now my score is pretty high I got a first premiere card tht came in the mail the day after I went to court it was approved and they never closed it because it missed the time frame of wen I filed so I have had a year of building my credit score using the card and making my payment on time which is a must do not be late period!!! The other day I went to appleseeds and Blair did a purchase added to shopping cart and much to my surprise it said you have been preapproved wow o was I siked so I completed the rest of application and got all three cards w 350 line. As I said before these cards had zero balance we’re closed and I was told I needed a new card now I tried on couple of others and flat out denied me synchrony isn’t happening. So if I were you wait a year get your score up over 600 and try the shopcart trick!! If the cards had zero balance you may get lucky and they will send you new card. The old account number will be closed regardless of the zero balance believe me!! Good luck I’m grateful for these cards and have learned my lesson.
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Re: Comenity Bank and Zero Balances

Good to know. 😊
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Re: Comenity Bank and Zero Balances

I wanted to share with everyone tht I had zero balances with Best Buy stein mart which were from synchrony and pay pal o I really was praying to keep tht one and it was still showing opened after my bk. However I made a purchase and immediately received a letter the accts were closed. Bottom line they get closed it’s just a matter of time as they check in w credit bureau Thus far synchrony won’t approve me even with zero balances!! Comenity preapproved me only on a few w zero balances.
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