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Completed my 341 today


Completed my 341 today

Long time listener, first time caller.


I've been following this forum for a couple months now, trying to put my mind at ease. I filled Chapter 7 on 10/7 and had my 341 meeting today. I have been a nervous wreck this past month waiting on this meeting. Here's my story. 


My meeting was a 10am, so I left a couple hours early because I wanted to get inside and be able to see what the meeting would be like. Good thing I left with plenty of time because traffic was terrible most of the way there (about a 45 minute drive). Of course today was the coldest day of the year and I parked a couple of blocks away, so that walk was brisk. 


I get to the place I'm supposed to be at, but it's nothing like I imagined. I was expecting a huge court room with a bunch of people in it and I'd have to walk all the way up when my name was called. Nope..just a decent sized room with a bunch of chairs, with offices througout the room. My attorney wasn't able to be there with me, so she sent a different attorney that handles her cases if she won't be available to attend. I waited for about 10 minutes and the attorney that was supposed to meet with me called my name. She briefly went over what to expect and told me to go into the office where the Trustee I was seeing would be. She told me to have a seat and just listen to some of the cases so I have an idea of what to expect, that's she'll be in there with me in a few minutes. Her next words were "she's not mean, she just a little gruff". How comforting. I go sit down and start listening to a few cases. The first two were indivual chapter 7 cases. The standard questions I had read about. Maybe 7 questions. But then I noticed she would ask a few non standard questions about things she wanted more info on. That started to freak me out because I was afraid she was going to question each and every charge showing on my bank account, wondering what this transaction was for and wanting a receipt for proof or something. I was just scared that for some reason my case would be dismissed and I'd be screwed. 


The next case was a business banruptcy. This took probably 15-20 minutes, and man, did she have a lot of questions. I felt sorry for the guy. 10 o'clock rolled around and the proxy attorney never showed up in the room and sat with me. I thought I was up next, but I didn't get called. I ended up watching two more chapter 7's when finally, a different lady came up to me and said the proxy attorney was tied up with someone else, so she was sent to be with me. Asked if I had any questions, told her no.


I was up next.


Got called up, sworn in, then asked the standard questions. Easy. But then, she started asking the other questions. Why this, but why that? You traded your car this summer? About 4 different questions. Her mood had shifted during those questions, like she was annoyed, and then she asked a few final standard questions and said she had no further questions. I walked out of there with wide eyes, like, what the heck just happened. The attorney that was with me saw my reaction, smirked, and said "yeah, she's impossible to please. In 60 days, your debts with be discharged". I was kind of shocked because, based on the trustees mood shift, I was afraid there would be more. I asked the attoney about that and she no, all good. Discharge in 60 days. I said thank you and left. Looked back as I was walking away and saw her talking with another attorney about what had happened, re-enacting what the trustee had been saying to me. Pretty wild. Guess I got the dificult one. 


I checked Pacer this evening, and sure enough, "Chapter 7 Trustee's Report Of No Distribution"!!!


Goes on to say that she is requesting to be discharged from any further duties as trustee, as she has made a diligent inquiry. 


So...guess I have 60 days and I'm home free! I think!


This whole bankruptcy process has been so eye opening and stressful. It's been a 6 month process. I never want to go through this again, so I guess that's a positive in all this. 

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Re: Completed my 341 today

Congrats! Yes its over and the DC will come. Sorry you had to go thru BK Trustee Mrs. Rachett. But its all in the past. Now hold off from running out to get credit and let all your reeports start doing hat dances until they all say IIB and 0 balance. Check your reports then and you will get a score bump. Your legally out of debt now. Then it will be time to rebuild. And were all here to help. Keep us updated as it progresses. Good Luck!

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Re: Completed my 341 today

Thank you! I do feel pretty relieved. Even more so when my DC comes.

I actually have plenty of questions. I want to make sure I set myself up in the best possible way. I’ve burned quite a few card companies, so curious what my options are.

I’ve read through the post about the 700 score in two years multiple times, but concerned how it will work out considering the companies I burned.

I burned:
Capital One
Synchrony PayPal and Amazon
Citi (account had a zero balance)
One of my local CU’s

I have student loans and I’m reaffirming my car loan. Do I need a starter loan? Who should I open a card with first after waiting 30 days and correcting any errors on my report?
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Re: Completed my 341 today

Since you have an auto loan. You dont need any more loans. FICO only needs 1 installment reporting. After you find out what your post BK scores are. You'll have to go the secured route for a while. OpenSky is no HP and everyone is approved. Theres also banks that have good secured. But stay away from banks that got burned for now. A year out Cap1 will let you back in. Maybe sooner. Just start checking the per-qual in about 6 months. Merrick Bank will double your CL with responsible use. Just some ideas for when the time comes.

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