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Confused about credit cleanup????

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Confused about credit cleanup????

Good morning, 


I have a credit alert setup throught my credit union and it has been sending me alerts like crazy from all 3 CB's, with updates of my account status  changing to IIB $0....but my confusion is the way that it is actually reporting, which is, Closed - Derogatory with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy reporting in the remarks section.  Is this correct or should I try and dispute this? Now have about 23 accounts as derogatorySmiley Sad


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Re: Confused about credit cleanup????

Reporting as IIb with $0 balance is correct and yes, everything related to a bankruptcy is a negative. Also, I'd recommend that you pull your credit reports and review the actual wording in each tradeline listed on the reports for each of the three credit bureaus. After doing that, feel free to post questions here and we may be able to help you understand what the wording means. Account alerts mean notning but "an activity occured". Tell us what the actual credit reports show.

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