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Converted chapter 13 to 7

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Converted chapter 13 to 7

I just have a couple question. I originally filed a chapter 13 in October of 2011. I paid on that until i converted to chapter 7 in may 2015. So that was almost 4 years. It was enough time that all my secured loans were paid back and my mortgage arrears were satisfied. Even some of the credit cards were paid.
My question being that since i originally went 13 then converted to 7 almost 80% done does the BK stay on my report for the full 10 years now for the 7 and not the 7 years like a 13 does? The 7 year mark passed this October and its still there.
Is there anyway to ask for it to be removed using the above mentioned items?

And one last question (sorry) i got a divorce about 2.5 years ago (after 28.5 years of marriage) and turned my credit life around but i had a hell of a hole to dig out of. We had several late payments on different loans. I know they can stay for 7 years but how long do the generally affect you credit score? I haven't had any since dec 2016 ( 2 years).
Just thought of another one.. i paid off several collections during the divorce time.
We had a couple credit cards that i refused to pay (pissed from the divorce).
They eventually just charged them off.
So the are still sitting there with exaggerated numbers owed but they are not listed as delinquent or as collections. Should i reach out and attempt to settle these debts or just left them fall off in a couple more years? Credit karma scores are now 694/688 ( trans/equifax). Id really like to get to that 700 mark and step up into the "good" range. I have a couple really high interest loans id like to refinance for better rates but feel i should wait until im in the "good" zone? And suggestions?

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