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Credit Report Remarks

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Credit Report Remarks

I'm cleaning up my credit report remarks after my Ch7 discharge.  


My Transunion report has nothing but Ch7 Bk in the remarks of all my creditors. And lists zero's for everything else lates and so on. 


My Equifax has a few things in the remarks:  "Bankruptcy chapter 7" and "Account closed by credit grantor"


Is the "account closed by credit grantor" remark something I should dispute? Everything else listed for each creditor on the Eq report is at zero.  Lates and so on.  Obviously the "Bk Ch7" remark will stay.  



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Re: Credit Report Remarks

Statements indicating whether the account was closed by you or the credit grantor are not considered negative, and are not factored into credit scores.
Discharge Date: 7/24/2018

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