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Credit Report - Transunion - Accuracy After BK

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Credit Report - Transunion - Accuracy After BK

Good morning all,


I have been meaning to post this for some time but have not gotten around to it.  I filed BK over a year ago and began following (with some slip ups) the from BK TO 700 IN 24 Months thread shortly after.


As soon as my BK was discharged, I started working on fixing my credit reports but due to how the bureaus report (or word) things differently, I have been confused for some time now as to whether or not they are as 'fixed' as they can be.  I have disputed multiple things over the last year to get them as clean as can be, but this is where it stands now.


I am hoping someone who is familiar with how the report should look after it has been corrected to properly reflect the BK. This one is specifically for Transunion.  I use Experian to monitor my reports and I feel like they are dinging me twice for the derogatory indicators based on the statuses that they list.   Thanks for any insight you guys can provide as to whether or not these are as accurate as they can be.  Also, I should add that I was never late on any of my accounts up to the point of filing and I have not been late afterwards. 


Example of how the accounts are currently reflecting on my actual Transunion report as of Jan 2021:EXAMPLE.JPG

This is how my Experian report reflects for Transunion as of Jan. 2021:



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Re: Credit Report - Transunion - Accuracy After BK

I went through this sort of thing for almost a year.  You have to keep at it and the best way to get things done is to call them.  Don't even bother to do an online dispute.   For the most part, I got nowhere with that.  I put a smile on my face and called.  Be polite and ask for help.  If you don't get results, call back when you get the determination.  


Here is what I would tell them when I got a determination that didn't appear right...


Could you please help me understand why......

It was probably my fault because I may have not worded it correctly.....


It's my understanding that your report should show a 0 balance and the fact that it was included in bankruptcy.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Maybe someone else could jump in.  When I found anything else on my report I called and had it removed.  


Good luck.  You'll no doubt find all sorts of things especially if you had some of the more shady collection companies out there.  Stick with it.

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