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Credit Reporting during on going chapter 7?

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Credit Reporting during on going chapter 7?

Is reporting an account 30 or 60 days late during a bankruptcy a pjy kind of violation?

is this considered an attempt to collect a debt? One account that is iib just reported and reported the balance yesterday and i got an alert.


all of the other accounts have reported 0 balance and included in bankruptcy remarks.



also i am still getting bills from the tollroad authority too even though they are iib

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Re: Credit Reporting during on going chapter 7?

No negative information can be placed on your credit report after the file date. If they are/did. Make copies of your credit report and give it to your lawyer. He/she can then get them to remove this information. Or they can be fined $1000 plus court cost and lawyer fees for violating the BK laws.

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