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Credit card still open?

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Credit card still open?

I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on July 21. I had my 341 on Aug 30. I'm waiting for my discharge Oct 31.


Today I received a letter from Old Navy/Synchrony about my account. I assumed it was a closure notice similar to the one I received from AMEX. But it was actually a letter stating that my credit line has been reduced to $200. I can't rememer if this card had a balance when I filed.


The reasons given:

  • Serious delinquency, and public record or collection filed
  • Time since delinquency is too recent or unknown
  • Time since derogatory public record or collection is too short
  • Length of time revolving accounts have been established


Is it possible they are going to let me keep the card?


Also, I checked my credit report with Equifax due to the breach. A few cards that did not have balances do not show they are in bankruptcy. Will they update the accounts once there is a discharge? I’m so confused because Amex closed my account within a week.

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Re: Credit card still open?

I had a Kohl's card that had a $1000 credit limit that was reduced to $200 when I filed bankruptcy and I was able to keep it opens. Sometimes if a card has a zero balance, it will survive bankruptcy. If you have been discharged, I would test it out by charging a small amount. If it's still open, that's great.

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Re: Credit card still open?

I'll check after my discharge. This process is so nerve wracking. I want it to be over.

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Re: Credit card still open?

My first card I ever opened almost 11 years ago at age 18 was not included or listed in bankruptcy due to it having a zero balance. My attorney said it is not a debt due to zero balance and since they are so subprime and awful, I rolled the dice after closing all my other zero balance accounts that I knew would catch wind of the BK. The card is my 1st Financial Bank USA card lol. Worst card ever, 29.99% interest rate, you name it lol but it's my oldest trade line on my reports and I am so thankful it survived. Now onto rebuilding! Good luck with everything! Bankruptcy sucks and was the most stressful time in my life, but if I can make it through, I know you can. Keep your head up! Smiley Happy

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Discharged: 10/03/17
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