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Credit one approval

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Credit one approval

I applied for a credit one bank card today and it listed my credit score as 656. Is this a FICO score? I just had my 341 meeting last week and all of my BK account are reporting $0 and IIB.

Starting Score: Eq 485 TU 467 Ex 400 BK filed Dec 2016
Current Score: Eq 685 TU 684 Ex 674
Goal Score: 700 All 3

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Re: Credit one approval

If you aren't discharged I wouldn't start applying for things Smiley Happy

Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
755 EQ FICO 12/2019
750 TU FICO 12/2019
743 EX FICO 12/2019
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