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Creditor updating years later

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Creditor updating years later

After medical emergency we had no choice but to file for Ch. 7 bankruptcy. It was discharged 2/15/19. After a surgery, a new job, and a lot of hard work, we're in a much better credit position than we were before. 


Anyway, the reason for my post. Is it normal/legal for a former creditor to update a discharged account this long after discharge?


Also, the last payment date is incorrect. The car was surrendered 1/31/19 and we had made no payments since before filing on 10/31/18.


I thought this was not legal. Please advise.




Most of the other accounts included are off my report except 2. Those accounts haven't updated since 2019, right after discharge. 



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Re: Creditor updating years later

You cut off who the lender is. Adding or updating negative info after the file date is against BK laws. You can dispute it by sending in a copy of your filing/above entry and explaining the date is inaccurate and past the file date. Send it certified return receipt. If that doesnt fly. Then the CFPB complaint can be filed. Last step is your lawyer.


First pull your real report from and make sure it has the same thing. May just be a TrueIndentity thing.

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Re: Creditor updating years later

Thank you @FireMedic1 😊
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