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Delet Baddies from Accts IIBK


Delet Baddies from Accts IIBK

I have a question involving removing baddies that was late for the account become IIBK.  Can I ask the companies to move past baddies of these acct that was file in  BK.  My credit anaylsis states too many high credit to credit limit most accts included in bk and late payments.
What is Petition for CH7 means? Is it the same as discharge?  Some of my accts that was IIBK as such Debt included in ch7, discharge through BK Ch7, others stats Status: Petitiom for CH7 BK and some same Status:Included in BK. 
Can someone clear this up for me so I can better understand my status of my accts in IIBK?
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Re: Delet Baddies from Accts IIBK

if it states petition for BK that means that the creditor has not updated it to reflect your discharge.  You could dispute this to say "discharged" in Bk /zero balance. 
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