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Discharge is taking forever because of COVID


Discharge is taking forever because of COVID

Is anybody else experiencing a longer than normal wait time for their discharge paperwork because of COVID?  This is beyond frustrating.

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Re: Discharge is taking forever because of COVID

Might just be taking forever because it takes forever. My attorney told me back in March it was going to take 4 to 6 months before my 13 was discharged. 2 months ago I was told covid had not slowed it down much other then the mail being left to sit for a couple days prior to handling. 
I just got my  hearing for discharge scheduled and it's still 6 weeks out!!

ive been waiting for this for 3 years. 6 weeks still seems long to me haha. 

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Re: Discharge is taking forever because of COVID

Yes I blame Covid for my discharge delay. I've been waiting for 1 month so far. My case is a no asset chapter 7. My MOC was like 2 minutes back in late February before the shut down. So my case was simple.  

I think it depends on your district.


I've seen people get speedy discharges in other states while others are waiting forever.


It's tough to wait because you want to start rebuilding ASAP. Also there's the fear of not knowing -- for all we know, we'll be waiting all year! 

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Re: Discharge is taking forever because of COVID

Depending on where you live the discharge should still happen in reasonable time. A lot of states are reopening and many never truly closed. I know here in Arizona the courts are closed but people seem to be getting discharges a little slower but not by months or anything.My friend filed early January and his discharge was early april should of been late march but that is when this all hit so it screwed up a lot then.

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Discharged 6/30

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