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Discharged 11/8!

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Discharged 11/8!

I was discharged today! I can't believe the amount of relief that has brought me. 

It has been about a 4 month process from file date to 341 to now the discharge, and almost $70k in debt that is no longer hanging over my head.


I'm waiting for some things to update on my credit profile, there are still collections that are showing as such instead of IIB and several creditors on Equifax shows the huge balances, but I have read that Equifax is one of the last to update so we shall see how this goes.


If you're thinking of filing, and your lawyer agrees it is a good move.  Do it, you will not regret it!


My plan:

Finish cleaning/updating reports

Be added as AU on partners cards that are in great standing

Attempt to get a card.


A couple questions I have: What card should I attempt to get first?  I burned Cap 1 for about 3k.

Is it still possible to join NFCU as a regular citizen?



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Re: Discharged 11/8!

You can join Navy Fed the civilian way, there's a thread here about it.

Ch7 BK filed 7/5/16, DC 10/12/16
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Re: Discharged 11/8!

Im in the midst of my chapter 7, post 341 and completed p2 credit counseling class. I plan to start with Navy Fed. Hopefully they are bk friendly.


@harleygirl1987, congratulations on your dc. You have some decent scores to recently be discharged. Have you tried to rebuild or laying low for now? 

Discharged Jan 2017
Rebuilding credit
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