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Discharged: Cap 1 auto or CC first?

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Discharged: Cap 1 auto or CC first?

I tried the Cap 1 auto navigator a couple weeks ago and did not like the offers, which varied from 11% on up and unknown for others. I am waiting for the 30 day offer to age off so I can try again for a better rate.


MY CU won't give me a loan until I get a card first and 6 month wait. I need to get a car no later than august, preferably sooner. I will be wuiting my job soon after and moving.


Which scenario should I choose?



1) apply for card now, then repply for auto after first approval ages off


2) :wait for approval to age off first, then apply for card, then another auto approval


3)) wait for approval to age off first, then apply for another auto approval then a CC


I am confuised how people quote a single interest rate. I had to go to participating dealerships after choosing the vehicle I want. Each one had a different rate.


Also, I want to buy a car at a local dealership which isn't on their list. Don't they allow that? It's cheaper and hundreds of miles closer.

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