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Discharged Chp. 7 & Removal/Change to CR

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Discharged Chp. 7 & Removal/Change to CR

This is my first post and seeking solid info on how to move forward...


I am 17 months post discharge and have gone from 550 to 676 rating, seeking to replace an 11 y/o car, and trying to get as much of my CR cleaned as possible.  Is it possible to have accounts adjusted to reflect changes to the "Condition" and/or "Pay Status".  In other words, is it true that all lines within my CR should show 

"Discharged in Bankruptcy" or "Included in Bankruptcy" and show a zero balance?  Thank you in advance for your assistance...!



ConditionBalanceTypePay Status

Credit CardCredit Card 
UnknownLate 180 DaysUnknown
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Re: Discharged Chp. 7 & Removal/Change to CR

if this CC was iib then it should not show past due 120 days. just that is was iib. i would first dispute that this account is not late 120 days and maybe you get lucky and its gets removed. at worst case it will get updated to show iib.
Bankrupcy 7 Filed 2/20/2012
Discharged 6/18/2012
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Re: Discharged Chp. 7 & Removal/Change to CR

I have several showing this same way, will start with and proceed from there.  Thanks so much for you advice deadbishop...!

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