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Discharged and approved for Cap 1

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Re: Discharged and approved for Cap 1

Congrats. Started with the same card. One step at a time.

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Re: Discharged and approved for Cap 1


I too burned Cap One in my BK this year. I haven't got my discharge yet, but their site shows me prequalified for a Platinum, Quicksilver and a Secured card. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on the QS, once I get my discharge. And just to think I had a $50k CL with them when I filed.

BK7 Discharged 08/2021 Household Income 95k
Scores: Fico9 Equifax 663 | TU 694 | Experian 628 Vantage 3.0 TU 737 | EQ 726
Tri-CU $3k
Capital One Quicksilver One $3K
Mercury Master Card $3.3k
Upgrade Visa $10k
NFCU Visa Platinum $2000
Alphaeon Card $3600
Dell Preferred $4500
WM Mastercard $1000
Credit One AMEX $1000
Kohl's $800
Ollo Mastercard $2000
Target Red Card $1200
Cabela's Mastercard $3k
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Re: Discharged and approved for Cap 1

Congrats! Hoping for the same success. I should be dc tomorrow!!

4/29/21 After BK
EX 578 EQ 573 TU 477

8/15/21 EX 640 EQ 637 TU 614

Capital One QS1 $4000

Navy Federal secured $300

Discover $1800
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