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Discharged and rebuilding big time

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Discharged and rebuilding big time

I have been using this forum for advice and sanity during the past few months. I filled chapt 7 with 40k+ of consumer debt. I let things get so out of control and like most I wish I had done it sooner. The only item I was current on was my car.

After my 341 meeting in Jan the wait was hard but I made changes. If I wanted something it was cash money plus a buffer. I started my 401k at work at 4% with a 4% safe harbor so for roughly 50 take home I put away 144 dollars into it. Stupid I did not do this sooner.

I also worked with my local credit union and got a credit builder loan pre discharge. I also got a creditone account pre discharge for 500. It was auto increased to 700 after a month. Again not a good card but also not secured. So finally my discharge comes in on 3/15. I see my credit scores go from what was 400's pre, to low 500 post to now EQ 613 TU 563 EX 544. On a hunch I applied for quicksilver from capital
One who I burned well and to my surprise I got card with 1000k limit. I also talked to Toyota Financial and I am good to finish paying off my car for my final 4 payments.

So I have a call into credit union for one last card to make three and then I will garden.

To anyone who may read this understand the best thing you can do is do this early and start fresh. Procrastination does not help it makes it worse and eventually the small claims will come. Know if you work hard you can get credit after and turn the corner. It's a long road but I feel better today then I have in a while!

Re: Discharged and rebuilding big time

Hey There,

I have a few questions for you because our 7's look like they align around the same dates...

So I got a credit One I accidentally got 2 for 300 a piece but mine didn't auto increase like a lot of people and that's because I think I had a stupid return payment one... It overdrew my acccount by 8 bucks and because I didn't notice until after I worked both my jobs, the ATM cut off time past... which is fine I called them spoke to them.. and we're all good...

My question is I applied for a quicksilver before my discharge and only got a 300 limit, do you think I should have waited until my discharge and I would have gotten a higher limit, anyone chime in with an answer...

My card apping was lawyer approved btw!

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Discharged and rebuilding big time

Approved or not, waiting would have been a wise choice.
Learning from my past and rebuilding..

BK discharged 1/10/17
scores: EQ 659 | TU 630 | EX 659

QS 3.8K | WF 500 | Cabela's 3k | ACU 500 |

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