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Received an email from my attorney today stating that my case has been discharged and that I should be receiving the official documents via email and snail mail once available!


Glad this is all finally over, now I can start the process of rebuilding. I was wondering, does anyone know how long it generally takes for it to show up on your CR as discharged? I checked my CR report today and everything is reporting correctly (IIB or 0 balance) but the bk is still showing open. 



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Re: Discharged!

Congrats. It showed up for me within 3 days. It was pretty fast.

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Re: Discharged!

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I need to start looking for an apartment soon and all of the property managers stated they would prefer I have been discharged before applying. Hopefully I can start looking for a place within the next few days here. 

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