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Re: Discharged!!

During Bk 13 you can get permission to purchase a new vehicle. I forgot how long you have to be in but you can't have any late payments. My Lawyer filled out a report on my finances and they tell you how much you can spend. Took about 10 days for the approval process.  You won't get good rates. 

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Re: Discharged!!

Thanks for the info I'm filing a Chap 7 so will wait until after discharge.
Filed Ch 13- 8/29/17
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Re: Discharged!!


Congratz on your Discharge!
Congratz on your CAP1 card!
Congratz on successfully enduring your Chapter 13!


I too recently completed a Ch 13. The past 6-8 months have been a slow and at times an impatient process of continued "Waiting. However it gets better!


With B of A, they should approve, or at least counter with a secured card.  If offered a secured, you should be able have it graduate within probably 6 months time.


Before I submitted any applications, I waited two months until everything on my 3 CRA reports were correct, up to date, and reflecting a change of address.  With accurate data reporting, identity verification and application processing was effortless.


Best Wishes!!!



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Re: Discharged!!

Thank you.. I did app for BOA and they did approve me!! Now I'll just let everything grow for a while.

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Re: Discharged!!

I'm waiting to be discharged. Friday was the last day for creditors to dispute and today is the earliest for discharge. I'm a nervous wreck and keep checking Pacer. Today is the 96th day :/

Discharged Jan 2017
Rebuilding credit
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