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Discover Secured card during BK

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Discover Secured card during BK

Anyone have any luck with getting a discover secured card during their BK? I really want to get one eventually because I've always wanted a discover card. If you were approved or denied please share:

Date Applied-
Which CB they pulled and Score-
Chapter of BK-
If secured was counteroffered-

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Re: Discover Secured card during BK


-how many years since discharge

OR if you got it during a chapter 13 plan

-how many years into the plan
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Re: Discover Secured card during BK

Moving to BK forum for better exposure

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Re: Discover Secured card during BK

I have a secured Discover card.  I'm in a Chapter 13 since 8/2015.  Trustee said I could have a secured card, if the balance was paid in full each month.  So I applied for a regular Discover card, got turned down, and offered the secured version which I accepted.  At that time that was the only way to get a secured Discover card.  I've had it since then- I would imagine it will not graduate until my 5 yr plan is over- about 3 1/2 yrs from now.  I laugh when I see people complainig that their card hasn't graduated yet- and it is still under a year for them. They pulled EQ for me- living in WA.
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