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Dishcharged and now accounts are showing BALANCE DUE

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Dishcharged and now accounts are showing BALANCE DUE

So I'm a little confused.  I filed for bankruptcy on 5/5/17. During this time creditors started to update my credit file to $0 balance owed. I thought well thats great until this past Monday when I was actually discharged from each. Now these same creditors have removed the $0 balance due and replaced it with the original amount. Is this suppose to happen?  


Also my auto loan that was never late prior to filing is now showing me as a past due balance because I stopped paying when I filed (which yes now the loan is late but I surrendered the car. Are they allowed to report the lates that happend the last 2 months while I was waiting for discharge? This company also had put me down for a $0 owed and no lates and now have changed it since the discharge was isssued.


Is there anything I can do? Is this normal to have them update to the original amount even though they were fully discharged? All of these alerts came in from Fico so I know they are accurate.


Feeling bummed - was thinking once i hit discharged things would clear up and now I am back to square one. 

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Re: Dishcharged and now accounts are showing BALANCE DUE

Once you're discharged, by law every acct that was IIB, has to report $0 balance/included in bankruptcy. I would send in your schedule to all 3 CRA with disputes, stating they need to change it to reflect that. 

And, creditor is allowed to report any lates AFTER the date of filing on an acct that was IIB...which in your case was 5/5/17. Again, dispute it.  now, with that said, any lates you occur after your DC is all yours, and they can report it . I will warn you though, stay current on everything after DC.  Lates or anything negative after DC is extremely bad. 

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