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Dismissed and Discharged

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Dismissed and Discharged

I have both a Dismissed and a Discharged 13 on my record. I filed in 2002 and the Courts dismissed my case in 04. I reapplied the next day and started another chapter 13 in 04. I just paid my Chapter 13 off and all three credit places says it on the reports. My question is can I dispute the first dismissed bankruptcy, if so how?
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Re: Dismissed and Discharged stays..they both stay,Smiley Sad Unless there was an error in filing. Been-there-done-that!!
takin' it one day at a time
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Re: Dismissed and Discharged

Look on the brightside, at least you got a fresh start ! AND congradulations for making through a Ch13, its a rough ride, where most don't make it! I originally filed for Ch13 but was able to convert to Ch7. I could'nt see myself in "BK Jail," for 5 years when I could suffer for a few months and be done away with it!
Best to you, Catchmeifyoucan
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