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Dispute results for old Commenity accts that were NOT IIB

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Dispute results for old Commenity accts that were NOT IIB

(I am making this post because I know I'm not the only person who filed a BK that this has happen to with Comenity).


I had 2 accounts with Comenity that were paid and closed 4 years before I filed BK7.  After discharge, Comenity pulled them out of the archives and added updated them as IIB.  I finally disputed them with each bureau and in the notes of the dispute pointed out that the respective bureau could check for themselves because all of them showed that these accounts had been closed October 2015 and BK filed Oct 2019.  I'm guessing they did just that because I got the results in today and the information has been changed to reflect the good accounts they were before Comenity did this.  I think if they had contacted Comenity, Comenity would have just deleted the tradelines, but there were never even any 'consumer disputes' remarks  on either of these during those 30 days.  



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Re: Dispute results for old Commenity accts that were NOT IIB

Sounds like your lawyer added them to your schedule. Since they were on your credit report. They were notified. Pretty rotten. Glad you got it fixed.

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