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Divorce and Bankruptcy


Divorce and Bankruptcy

Long story short, my wife and I are currently in a chapter 13 that we had to refile on month 33 of our original chapter 13 due to an error that was not our fault.  However, for the last year i have also been deciding to get a divorce and made the decision in October that i would start the process.  Being in chapter 13 (1st payment made dec 18 only skipped november due to refile.) i have zero extra income, so i had to wait until this year to do anything, as my group legal coverage has finally kicked in.  Question is which do i file first?  Do i file a joint chapter 7, so as not to completely screw her?  Then file the divorce after the chapter 7 started?  She has no claim on the house and the only accounts in both names are the two vehicles, which are both showing behind due to whatever happens in chapter 13.



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