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Does GERMB Blacklist

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Does GERMB Blacklist

Does anyone know or does anyone have any experience with GE and if it blacklists after you include accounts with them in bankruptcy? I know Amex blacklists with a long memory. If GE blacklists any idea on how long until you can get approved again? 


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Re: Does GERMB Blacklist

From personal experience, GEMRB doesn't blacklist from all of the cards they offer. For example I filed BK on an Old Navy store card issued by them about 6 yrs ago and while I have since applied for an Old Navy card they will not approve me for one. However, I was able to be approved for Amazon, Hhgregg and WalMart which are issued by GEMRB just as the ON card was. My guessing that they won't approve me is because of previous history with ON despite current history with their cards and on time payments.

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