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Easiest Unsecured Credit Cards to get after Chapter 7 Bk!

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Easiest Unsecured Credit Cards to get after Chapter 7 Bk!


  I just wanted to share with anyone interested in rebuilding their credit after bankruptcy that there are 2 unsecured credit cards I just got after my Chapter 7 in May 2011 without a problem.


I was offered by email to pre-qualify for an Orchard Bank, I had nothing to lose so I applied and I got a $300 credit line with them unsecured and paid the annual fee of $59.99.


The 2nd email was pre-qualify for a Capital One. I got this one also with a $500 credit limit.


There it is. Im sticking with these two in my journey to rebuild.  I am pretty content. Capital one offered me 0% interest rate for 1 year!!


Here are the links for the pre-qualify if you are interested.







P.S. AMEX also offers a pre-qualify but I would recommend not trying to apply for American Express Cards with a BK. They are very very strict!!


"Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (05/17/2011)"
Starting Score: EQ 557, TU 544, EX 562
Current Score: EQ 621, TU 601, EX 599 (06/13/2011)
Goal Score: 700
Capital One - No Hassle Cash Rewards CC
Orchard Bank credit card (high interest rate) Not using

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