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Ews and chexsystems

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Ews and chexsystems

I am in both systems but I did include the banks that I owe in bk. The accounts were overdrawn and closed. I plan on paying NFCU off ($1100) since that's the only way I will be able to get my account back with them, but how can I clear up the other accounts or have them removed from the systems?

Also, I already have a mortgage, so I am really working towards another vehicle. Even though I am going to pay NFCU off, does anyone think I have a chance of going through them for an auto loan (once my credit is better)? If so, how long should I wait to apply? TIA
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Re: Ews and chexsystems

The process of applying funds to a charged off account is a manual one. A few days after payment ask a rep to ensure that the charge-off alert reflects paid in full. (That's the exact language to use)

After the alert is updated, feel free to apply. Of course I wouldnt apply unless your credit is good enough to be approved.
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