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Failed Bankruptcy Attempt

Failed Bankruptcy Attempt

Hi Everyone!
At the end of 2016 after months of reading these forums. I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was discharged in March of 2017 and was so excited to begin my journey. I had started to plan everything out quickly and strategically. I was living with family, when abruptly I was asked to move (myself and my children) with no where to go I maxed out the 3 revolvers and started to make late car payments in order to save enough to find somewhere to rent. By the time I was able to catch up on payments the cards were charged off, my car had been repo’d but I was able to pay it to current. I feel ashamed and hurt and now defeated. I don’t know what to do? What should my first step be ?
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Re: Failed Bankruptcy Attempt

Build a big enough savings so it doesn't happen again.

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Re: Failed Bankruptcy Attempt

This has to be a very tough time for you, especially with kids. Asking for help is a good start.


Maybe if you provide a bit more info, others will chime in with helpful suggestions.


You found a place to live? Have a job? Your needs, goals?

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Re: Failed Bankruptcy Attempt

As far as your credit the only thing you can do now is start the rebuilding process.   You need to try to GW your creditors to try to get some of the lates removed.  Also, you can try a secured card to get started again.  You have to start building a positive payment history to outweigh the negative accounts.


It will take time to get to a decent score but I’m sure it’s possible.

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Re: Failed Bankruptcy Attempt

honestly at this point, I would forget about rebuilding, and start stashing as much money away in savings as much as you possibly can, so you don't ever end up in that situation again.

Where's the dad? Is he paying any child support? If not, contact the state and they will start garnishment. If he's not working, then his future tax refunds for state and federal will go to back child support, and not him.

Rebuilding should not be your number one priority right now. You have kids and taking care of them and you are #1. Apply for local and federal stamps, housing etc..Remember, its only temporary, and you don't ever want to be in a position again that you are depending on someone else like friends or family.

Get you own life together first, get at least 3 months at the minimum of an emergency Savings account that you don't touch, then you can tackle other aspects of your life.

Lates and CO AFTER a BK is even worse than just the BK, so forget it right now. Concentrate on you and your kids, and finding as much help and support locally as you can.

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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