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Feeling trapped

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Re: Feeling trapped

only in worse case situation should she BK. Lets say she ends up going to court and judge is no help after seeing paycheck/bills and so on. At OP's income level, a garnishiment would be a disaster even with this little amount of debt. The BK would be needed to live. Some states are so pro creditor they may  not care about her situation, sadly.


Are student loans private ? Some private can be BK'd

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Re: Feeling trapped

I have tried everything.. BK is my last option. I've looked for pt jobs to supplement but they either want me to work odd hours of the night leaving my two children who are 13 and 10 alone which I'm not doing. I've ask family for help but both of my parents are disabled and don't work and live on very little money as it is. I already can't get a car loan or any other credit cards due to my credit score being in the low 400 now from not being able to pay my bills on time. I pay cash for everything. I'm a hard worker but can't seem to catch a break. I've been on five interviews in the past two months all of them saying no probably because they do a credit check. It may not sound like a lot of debt to some of you..but I'm drowning. I just don't want to be put in a position where I'm on the street with my two children. My appointment with the attorney is tomorrow. Depending on what they say...I'll see what I need to do. I appreciate everyone's advice. Its been helpful.
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Re: Feeling trapped

@Ladyk478 I'm glad to see you have the appointment set up for tomorrow and hope that you find it provides you some relief.
Just wandered out of the garden April 16, 2018 to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Intend to take care of this quickly and be back in the dirt before long.
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Re: Feeling trapped

I just wanted to give an update on my situation. So I filed for chapter 13 on 6/25 I had my 341 meeting 7/25. I have already started making payments and now finally able to breath!! I got a small raise at work which has helped me begin to save money. I plan on paying off my bankruptcy within the next 3 years. Then I'll be debt free!! I appreciate everyone's advice! You helped me make a hard decision. Now I'm just ready to start rebuilding my life...the right way!

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