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Few Questions BK7 almost to my Discharge!

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Few Questions BK7 almost to my Discharge!

Hello all....


Got a few questions about my BK that looks like that will be scheduled around the first week of May! 


First, I have been trying to clear up my reports before the discharge but having some hard times with a few creditors. 


1) First is the deficiency with my repo balance from 2015 when my car with Repo'd with CHASE BANK. Roughly $11k was stilled owed. I have been in contact the past few weeks with Chase's BK department. At first they transfered me around a few times, but I finally got somebody who helped. She said they still owned the balance and it wasn't with collection company. She said she updated her records with my BK case #, and my lawyers number. How long does it take for them to correct this on my CR. They have to update it to Zero and included in BK correct?


2) Second, I'm having another issue with WEBBANK AKA FingerHut which was also included in BK. They won't update to Zero Balance because they are saying they have to have the courts pay them? The supervisor kept saying we need to have the courts pay us. This is what I am thinking: In my case no assests were taken from me, and I didn't give up anything, so no money from me went to the courts. Is this what they are wanting to see if they may get any money from the courts to be split up between the creditors? Do I just have to wait till the discharge? 


3) Conns my creditor for my furniture (Couch & Mattress) didn't show up at my 341 meeting back in March. I have yet to hear from there and counting the days till my discarge. They haven't done anything in my credit reports (doesnt say Included in BK, isn't reporting late, says its current, but still has the same balance of roughly $2600). should I be concerned about something. I'm scared to call them. What should I do? 


4) LAST sorry for the long post..... On my Equifax (highest scores) isn't showing my BK. I have my first Chapter 7 from 2009 showing but not this second from 2017. Only my TU and Experian show it. 


Thank you all for your help and you all mean so much! Smiley Happy 

Scores on the day of BK file: 02/08/2017: EFX: 490, TU: 562, EX: 526

Scores on the day of 341 Meeting: 03/09/2017: EFX: 508, TU: 504, EX: 449

Scores on the day of discharge w/ everything reporting 0 IIB: EFX: 532, TU: 508, EX: 479

As of: August 28th, 2017: (7 months since date of filing): EFX: 574, TU: 567, EX: 550

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Re: Few Questions BK7 almost to my Discharge!

Someone with more knowledge will answer shortly, but it's my understanding that they have until the BK is discharged to update on the CR, and many will not update till then. But I personally have no patience, so I started disputing them on the CR. Most have now updated. I will then dispute any who didn't correct once the discharge comes through.

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EQ-554 TU-567 EX-542 ~ Day of Filing (2/2017)
EQ-559 TU-496 EX-510 ~ Day of Discharge (6/2017)
EQ-696 TU-677 EX-679 ~ Current (4/18)
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Re: Few Questions BK7 almost to my Discharge!

I hope fingerhut doesn't try this with me. They are a big company and knows the rules of bk. I'm just starting on my journey but already had 1 collection removed, shocked as they call me 10 times a day. Good luck
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