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Fico score went from 460 to 575???

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Fico score went from 460 to 575???

I field BK7 last month and most of my creditors are updating the CR reports with "IIB".  My mortgage company did that yesterday and it shot my score up over 100 pts??? Will my score go back down post discharge?

Filed BK7 – 2/13 (discharged 5/13) (starting score 586)
myFICO EQ 1/2014: 617
myFICO TU 1/2014: 619
myFICO EX 1/2014: 635
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Re: Fico score went from 460 to 575???

I was in the same boat you are about a month ago.  My score went from 521 to 664 after all of my accounts started showing up IIB.  My question is, once the bankruptcy is discharged am I going to get hammered by it or should I stay about the same.  Perhaps someone could help us out?

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Re: Fico score went from 460 to 575???

Sadly, Mine went up like 90 pts than back down some. Scores in SIG. My discharge was 1 days ago and it when back to low 500's across the board. Mind you I have student loans deferredso that could be the reason. no other debt. recently approved for Navy Fed Secured $1k CL. Denied 3 times but auto dealer that normal lend to BK consumers. Ohh... I have too many INQ now. I am remaining optmistic. I won't do any pulls for at least the next few months. I am still waiitng for my car to be surrender in which I will have to replace. Good Luck... It cannot get nothing but better from here. It takes time and patience.

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