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Filed for Chp7 in 2014 BUT...


Filed for Chp7 in 2014 BUT...

Filed for chapter 7 back in 2013. It was discharged a few months later, and I've been rebuilding my credit ever since.


However in mid-2014 the trustee had some questions about my filing and I ended up withdrawing my application. Long story short he valued my assets at much more than they were worth and I didn't have the funds to defend myself. (I was minority owner of a small buisness that is now defunct, but the trustee thought my shares were worth tens of thousands of dollars when in-reality the entire buisness was worth ****)


I ended up settling most of my debts for a fraction of what was orginally owed. Most creditors never even responded to my attempts at settmelent. Presumbly because the debts were already several years old, and because I had them discharged even if it was temporarily.


But I still have this chapter 7 listed on my credit report, is it possible to have it removed or do I just have to wait the 10 years?

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Re: Filed for Chp7 in 2014 BUT...

Sorry for all your troubles....what a mess.

I can't see the picture you posted, and when I click on it, nothing happens.

Does the BK say Discharged? or Dismissed?

The trustee can come back legally 180 days post a DC bk case, and reopen it, or question it again.

So if you withdrew your application all together, then it sounds to me that the case was dismissed. Therefore, the BK will still stay on your reports for 10 yrs.

Even though you withdrew the case, you still filed, and its still a public record, and you did go thru BK court, only to withdraw later on. Sorry....

Since i can't see your pic, the CRA should show it as "dismissed", because it was.

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
BK7 D/C- 08/2013
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