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Finally Filed Ch 7 on 8/18/17!

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Finally Filed Ch 7 on 8/18/17!

Hey guys!

I’ve finally filed and I couldn’t be happier! Reading all these forums have made me extremely excited. Is there anything I can do in this in between time?!
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Re: Finally Filed Ch 7 on 8/18/17!

Yep. First of all congratulations. The next 3 months will sometimes feel like it will never end. Try to relax, you'll get there. This is a slow process. Lots of ups and downs. I felt very relieved after filing and then came the wait and the anxiety of the 341 meeting. And after that some more hurry up and wait. Here are some things I would do.

1. Get familiar with Pacer (google it) this will allow you to see what's happening with your case, often before your lawyer knows

2. If you have extra money because you're not paying bills, use it wisely. Start a savings etc.

3. You're gonna need a plan for discharge day and after. Take the time to make it a good one. The folks here can help. You don't want to end up here again.

4. Get familiar with the How to: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or..... thread by Soulmaster. It's fantastic!

5. Ask questions here

Remember, relax and take care of yourself.

Good luck

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Re: Finally Filed Ch 7 on 8/18/17!

I felt a sense of relief when I filed as well.  I was nervous about the 341 meeting but it was really a piece of cake and literally lasted a minute.  My court date for my vehicle reaffirmation was a little nerve wracking as well but that went over without a hitch.  And don't listen to all those talking about how difficult it is to ever get credit after bankruptcy.  I was approved for several credit cards a few months afterwards and while the interest rates are high, I used them for small purchases and immediately pay them off which has really helped rebuild my credit.  A year after discharge, I bought a car with 4.99% apr.  That was actually lower interest than I got offered prior to BK.  The key is to make smarter financial choices post BK.  Don't accumulate revolving credit.  Good luck to you! 

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