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Finally a little success


Finally a little success

I had my Chap. 13 discharged in December 2007. Prior to that I found this Fourm and soaked up all I could to help improve my credit scores which were in the tank (EX 495 ouch! ). Since then I have disputed and paid past debts and have been blessed with 2 unsecured credit  cards, albeit with small availables, but it is a start. But here is the best news.. I needed a car, really bad. I was scared to go talk to anyone, even though I figured I would quaify. The thought of a 18% interst rate scared me. Well I bit the bullet and went to a Toyota dealer and was able to secure a loan for 12% interest on a 2007 Avalon Limited with NO MONEY DOWN! I know the intrest rate in nothing to write home about but where I sat  3 months ago I never thought it would be possible, so I say thanks to all for the advice and encouragement along the way I here to try to help anyone because this forum really helps turn lives around.
"No one can make you feel inferior, unless you give them permission".

6/08 TU 631 EQ 620 EX 616
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Re: Finally a little success

Congrats! Keep paying the bills, getting other small debts like loans and credit cards, and you will be on the quick road to rebuilding lender trust. Remember one thing, even tho lenders do look at your past, it is what you are currently doing that is more important to them. There is a major difference between 2 people who claimed bankruptcy, were one has learned their lesson, got more debt, but is paying it on time, as the other, got more debt, and is being late. Lenders are looking for people who have learned their lessons.
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