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Foreclosure IIB

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Foreclosure IIB

I am wondering what the proper way to report our old house might be.  The foreclosure process started before we filed for BK, but was IIB per the judge in our case.  On my husband's reports the old mortgage is showing as foreclosed, but not IIB.  Since it was IIB, shouldn't that be what is reporting?  The original mortgage company is no where to be found and the loan was sold to Everhome (I believe that is the name).  They are showing 14 90 days late, but that shows well over a year after our discharge date.  We tried to verify this with the bureau's and it just came back as verified with no change. 


I am wondering if that is truly correct or if it should be showing as IIB and not showing any late payments past the discharge date. 

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Re: Foreclosure IIB

That's incorrect. It should show IIB and should not be reporting lates past discharge. (Actually, ours don't show any after the month we filed.)


I had a couple of these kinds of lines that were difficult to resolve through the CRAs, but when I called the companies themselves they took care of it pretty quickly.

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Re: Foreclosure IIB

That is what I figured.  We disputed with the CRA's, but they verified.  So today we sent a letter to the OC (well the second OC) that requested they investigate.  Hopefully we hear something within a few weeks. 

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